We have been assisting foreign investors in real estate transactions throughout Florida for more than 30 years. We know from our many years of practice and extensive experience, unfortunately there is hardly a simple real estate transaction!

At (or better before) completion of a real estate purchase, we will explain the purchase contract to you and tell you what steps are necessary. Afterwards we carry out the closing. The closing is the formal transfer of ownership right on which the Warranty Deed is issued and the purchase price paid. We have, as in Germany the notary, a special account (Escrow Account) and make sure that the purchase price is paid on time and in full and no contractual obligations are violated. With the closing, which is also called Settlement in some states, the purchase contract is fulfilled and completed. It is important to understand that after the closing, unlike in Germany, no defects on the property can be claimed.

Wills and Trusts Law

Baur, Klein & Becker P.A has decades of experience assisting Florida residents and international clients with wills and trusts matters, including health care directives, living wills and durable power of attorney. At Baur, Klein & Becker P.A, we understand that concerns related to wills and trusts for Florida residents and foreigners, and their objectives can vary from establishing a living trust to assisting individuals in contesting a complicated will. No matter how complex the issue, Baur, Klein & Becker P.A is able to provide you the legal advice you need.

Would you like to sue a person or company in the US for damages or obtain injunctive relief? You have obtained a judgment in Germany against a person or company in the US and want to enforce this judgment?! 

Perhaps you were seriously injured while on a Caribbean Cruise or in an amusement park or you were involved in a car accident in Florida?!

We represent you before all courts in the State of Florida and with co-counsel before all courts of the United States. We advise you on the right litigation strategy and conduct settlement negotiations. We also handle traffic and accident law cases together with a Personal Injury Lawyer.

There are almost as many US visa categories as letters in the alphabet. Below we would like to give you only a brief overview of the visas we represent to our client groups.

We advise in all areas of business law and are specialized in the legal questions of foreign investors.

Do you want to expand your existing business in the USA and start a subsidiary, or do you want to use your business idea to build a startup in the USA?! Perhaps you also want to invest in an existing US company, enter into a joint venture, or purchase an entire company to get an investor visa?!


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