The Attorneys
With more than ten attorneys having superb legal qualifications in various fields of practice, the firm offers quality counseling and representation to its individual and institutional clients. Additionally, with extensive knowledge of foreign languages, established international contacts and the support of a multi-lingual staff, the firm’s attorneys are able to ensure professional, personalized service to their domestic and international clients.

To ensure the quality of legal representation of our clients, we work with our Of Counsel and in a network of experts in various areas of law like tax- and estate planning. We work as a team and establish common strategies for our clients. Those attorneys with an asterisk (*) next to their names are Of Counsel to Baur & Klein. With respect to Of Counsels, vicarious, agency or partnership theory liability (in all directions) is expressly excluded. 

To obtain additional information on the individual qualifications of the firm’s attorneys, click on any of the names listed on the side.